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Production Process

The production customization process of display cases includes the following steps:

1. Demand analysis: communicate with customers to understand their needs and expectations, including the purpose of the display cabinet, the type of display items, the size, color, material, etc. of the display cabinet.

2. Design scheme: according to customer needs, design the appearance, structure and function of the display cabinet, and provide 3D renderings or manual sketches for customer confirmation.

3. Confirm the scheme: confirm the display cabinet scheme with the customer, including the detailed design and material selection.

4. Make samples: make samples of display cabinets for customer confirmation.

5. Production and producing: After the customer's confirmation, start the production of display cabinets, including material procurement, processing, assembly, etc.

6. Quality inspection: quality inspection is carried out in the production process to ensure that the display cabinet meets customer requirements and standards.

7. After-sales service: provide after-sales service, including warranty, maintenance, replacement parts, etc.


Production line - hardware

Material Stage: purchase metal materials according to design requirements, such as cold-rolled steel plate, stainless steel, iron pipe, etc.

Material Cutting: Use a cutting machine to cut metal materials to the desired size.

Welding: Welding is carried out using a welding machine to assemble the metal plates into the shell of the display case.

Surface Treatment: surface treatment of the welded display cabinet, such as sanding, powder spraying, etc.

Quality Inspection Stage: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the display cabinet to ensure that the quality meets the requirements.

Production line - woodworking

Material procurement: According to the design plan, purchase the required solid wood board, plywood, MDF, melamine board, etc.

Cutting and processing: According to the design scheme, the wood is cut to the required size, surface treatment and processing, such as perforation, edging, etc.

Surface treatment: surface treatment of the display cabinet, such as sanding, painting, film, etc., to make its surface look more beautiful.

Assembling and assemble: the processed wood and hardware accessories are assembled according to the design plan, including the main structure of the display cabinet, glass doors, lamps, etc.

Quality inspection stage: Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the display cabinet to ensure that the quality meets the requirements.