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Earphone Phone Display Stand

Earphone Phone Display Stand

Acrylic rotating 4 sides hooks phone accessories display car charger table earphone stand wire earphone cell phone accessory display stand.


  • Product Name: Earphone Phone Display Stand
  • Color: White / grey / black / custom
  • Size: customized
  • Main material: High temperature lacquered metal、Eco-friendly wood, Acrylic board
  • Product process: Sheet metal cutting, bending welding, wood splicing painting
  • Structure: Knock down
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Sample time: 3-7 Days
  • Production time: 15-30 Days
  • Price: Depend on size and quantity, welcome to consult
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    Earphone Phone Display Stand


    We are fortunate to have long term business relationships with many of the top clients

    and brands in the world, with our "client first" philosophy.


    We offer qualified design services to make sure your requirements are met. Fast and high-quality customization are hallmarks of our methodology.


    Our displays are made in accordance with uniform standards and are quoted according to specifications and quantity.


    What is a headset phone display stand

    The headset mobile phone display stand is a stand or shelf for displaying and displaying products such as headsets and mobile phones. It provides an attractive and effective way to display and display products.

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    Demand analysis

    Communicate with customers to understand their needs and expectations, including the purpose of the display cabinet, the type of display items, the size, color, material, etc. of the display cabinet.

    Design scheme

    Design the display cabinet's appearance, structure, and purpose in accordance with the needs of the customer. For the customer's approval, offer 3D renderings or handwritten sketches.

    Confirm the scheme

    Confirm the display cabinet scheme with the customer, including the detailed design and material selection.

     Make samples

    Make samples of display cabinets for customer confirmation. 5. Production and producing: After the customer's confirmation, start the production of display cabinets, including mate.

    Production and producing

    After the customer's confirmation, start the production of display cabinets, including mate.

    Quality inspection

    Quality inspection is carried out in the production process to ensure that the display cabinet meets customer requirements and standards.

    We Deliver More Than Just a Display

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    From the preliminary consultation to the project fulfillment, we are always with you
    and work with you for the best result.
    Engineer Sales
    Engineer Sales Team Quote in 30 minutes
    R & D
    Free design in 24 hours
    3 days proofing, Sampling in 5 days
    Optimize packing constantly , saving your shipping cost as best as we can
    After sales
    Clear and easy to understand instruction and assembling video

    About Modernty

    24 years of struggle, we still strive for better

    about modernty
    work station

    At Modernity Display Products Co. Ltd, we take pride ourselves in using quality materials in crafting our top quality display stands. The skilled artisans in our team work hard to ensure that each product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail.  We always strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing fast and efficient service and will make every effort to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products.We are committed to providing fast and efficient services and will make every effort to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products.

    Advantages of headset phone display stand

    1 Improve sales effect

    By displaying the features and functions of the product, the headset phone display stand can attract customers and increase sales. It can help customers better understand and experience the product.

    2 Enhance brand image

    The headset mobile phone display stand can display the brand's logo and slogan, and enhance the brand image and popularity. It can make customers have a deeper impression of the brand.3 Improve product display effect.

    The headset mobile phone display rack provides a neat and orderly display environment, making it easier for customers to find the products they are interested in. It can enhance the display effect and display effect of products.

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    1、Can the display stand be customized in other Electric Product?
    Yes.The Display Rack Can Customize Chargers, Electric Toothbrushes, Electronic Cigarettes, Audio, Photographic Equipment And Other Promotional And Display Racks.

    2、Can I choose More Than Two materials For One Display stand?
    Yes.You Can Choose Acrylic, Wood, Metal And Other Materials.

    3、Has Your Company Passed ISO9001
    Yes. Our Display Stand Factory Have Passed ISO Certificate.

    4、Which products are suitable for the headset phone display stand?
    The headset mobile phone display stand is suitable for all kinds of headsets and mobile phones and other related products, including wired headsets, wireless headsets, bluetooth headsets, and various brands and models of mobile phones.

    5、How does the material of the headset phone display stand affect the product?
    The material selection of the earphone mobile phone display stand will directly affect the appearance and display effect of the product. Display racks made of different materials have different textures and visual effects. For example, metal materials are stronger and more stable, plastic materials are lighter and easier to carry, and wood materials are more natural.

    6、Is it possible to customize the appearance of the headset phone display stand?

    Yes, many headset mobile phone display stand manufacturers provide customized services, which can customize the appearance of the display stand according to the needs of customers. You can choose different colors, shapes and brand logos to meet your brand image and display needs.

    The above are the answers to frequently asked questions about the headset phone display stand, if you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

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