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Figure storage rack acrylic Figure display rack

Figure storage rack acrylic Figure display rack

Various types of hand storage boxes. Compact design, dustproof and polished to meet your storage needs.

  • Product Name: Acrylic display
  • Color: White / grey / black / custom
  • Size: customized
  • Main material: Acrylic
  • Product process: Powder coated,K.D. Structure
  • Structure: Knock down
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Sample time: 3-7 Days
  • Production time: 15-30 Days
  • Price: Depend on size and quantity, welcome to consult
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    How to customer made a Figure storage rack

    Determine Your Requirements

    1.Start by identifying your specific needs and preferences for the figure storage rack. Consider factors such as the size of your collection, the dimensions of the space where the rack will be placed, the number of shelves or compartments required, any specific design elements or features you desire, and any budget constraints.

    Research Manufacturers

    2.Modernty diaplay rack factory have 24 years experiences of the display rack,welcome to Drawing and sample customization.

    Contact Us

    3.Contact the Modernty display rack Reach out to us and discuss your requirements in detail. Provide them with measurements, design specifications, and any other relevant information. Share your vision for the rack and any specific features or customization options you desire, such as adjustable shelves or lighting.Right now send a E-mail to windy@mmtdisplay.com.cn.

    figure display rack box
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    Demand analysis

    Communicate with customers to understand their needs and expectations, including the purpose of the display cabinet, the type of display items, the size, color, material, etc. of the display cabinet.

    Design scheme

    According to customer needs, design the appearance structure and function of the display cabinet, and provide 3D renderings or manual sketches for customer confirmation.

    Confirm the scheme

    Confirm the display cabinet scheme with the customer, including the detailed design and material selection.

     Make samples

    Create display cabinet prototypes for customer approval. 5. Production and production: Begin the manufacturing of display cabinets, including mate, after receiving the customer's approval.

    Production and producing

    After receiving the customer's approval, begin manufacturing the display cabinets with the mate.

    Quality inspection

    Quality inspection is carried out in the production process to ensure that the display cabinet meets customer requirements and standards.

    We Deliver More Than Just a Display

    figure display rack

    4、Design Collaboration: Work closely with Modernty company design team to create a concept and design for your figure storage rack. They will use their expertise to translate your requirements into a practical and visually appealing design. Collaborate on details such as the material selection, shelf layout, and any additional elements you wish to incorporate.

    5、Material Selection: Decide on the type of material you want for your figure storage rack. Acrylic and glass are popular choices due to their transparency and durability. Discuss the pros and cons of each material with the manufacturer to make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget.

    6、Review and Refine the Design: The manufacturer will provide you with design mock-ups or 3D renderings of the custom figure storage rack. Review these carefully, provide feedback, and suggest any necessary changes. Work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the final design aligns with your vision.

    7、Cost Estimation: Once the design is finalized, the manufacturer will provide you with a cost estimate for the custom figure storage rack. Evaluate the pricing in relation to your budget and consider the value offered by the manufacturer in terms of quality and customization.


    About Modernty

    24 years of struggle, we still strive for better

    about modernty
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    8、Production and Delivery: If you are satisfied with the cost estimate, proceed with placing the order. The manufacturer will then commence the production process, fabricating the custom figure storage rack according to the approved design. Ensure you establish a timeline for production, delivery, and installation if required.

    Installation and Quality Check: If the manufacturer offers installation services, coordinate with them to schedule the installation of the figure storage rack. Once the installation is complete, carefully inspect the rack to ensure it meets your specifications and quality expectations.

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    1、Can the display stand be customized in other Electric Product?
    Yes.The Display Rack Can Customize Chargers, Electric Toothbrushes, Electronic Cigarettes, Audio, Photographic Equipment And Other Promotional And Display Racks.

    2、Can I choose More Than Two materials For One Display stand?
    Yes.You Can Choose Acrylic, Wood, Metal And Other Materials.

    3、Has Your Company Passed ISO9001
    Yes. Our Display Stand Factory Have Passed ISO Certificate.

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