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customization Wine Display Stand manufactuter free design

customization Wine Display Stand manufactuter free design

When selecting a wine display stand OEM Or ODM manufacturer, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure it meets your specific needs. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind.

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Product name: Wine display rack
  • Color: Customization
  • Usage: Displaying Goods
  • Application: Retail Shops
  • Thickness: Customization
  • MOQ: 100pcs
  • OEM/ODM: Welcome
  • Sample Time: 5-7 Working Days
  • Cargo Lead Time: About 20 Days
  • Design: Customer Provide
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    The Main Features Of wine Display Rack

    Design and Material

    The design and material of your wine display stand play a crucial role in defining its overall appeal. Consider the following options:

    Wood: Wooden wine display stands exude elegance and charm. They can be crafted from various types of wood, such as oak, mahogany, or walnut, each offering its unique aesthetics. Wood is not only visually pleasing but also provides excellent insulation for your wine bottles.

    Metal: If you prefer a more contemporary or industrial look, a metal wine display stand might be the perfect choice. Stainless steel, wrought iron, or brass are popular options that lend a sleek and modern touch to your wine storage.

    Acrylic or Glass: For a minimalist and transparent display, acrylic or glass wine racks are an excellent option. These materials create a visually stunning effect, allowing your wine bottles to take center stage.


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    Made from durable materials like metal or acrylic, the display stand offers longevity and stability. Its visually appealing design can be customized to match the aesthetics of the retail environment.


    The stand is equipped with multiple adjustable shelves or compartments, providing ample space to display different cigarette brands and packaging sizes.

    Branding Opportunities

    The stand includes areas for branding and promotional materials, allowing cigarette manufacturers to effectively market their products using signage, logos, and other advertising materials.

    Constant temperature

    The wine cabinet is equipped with a heater or PTC that promotes the internal temperature so that the temperature can be maintained no matter how the ambient temperature changes.

    Design Proofing

    Wine cabinet proofing is usually completed in 3-5 days, we will test the stability and safety of the wine cabinet. More will test its practicality.


    The product will be reasonably reported, with a fixed skeleton fixed, and peripheral box packaging to ensure that the product is delivered intact.

    Other Features Of Wine Cabinet Display Rack

     customization wine display stand fast sample

    Capacity and Size
    Consider the size and capacity of the wine display stand based on your current collection and future expansion plans. Ensure that it can accommodate your desired number of bottles without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

    Features and Accessories
    Explore additional features and accessories that can enhance your wine display experience. Some notable options include:

    Built-in lighting: Illuminate your collection with LED lights, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to your wine display stand.
    Adjustable shelves or modular design: Opt for a wine display stand that offers adjustable shelves or a modular design. This flexibility allows you to customize the layout and accommodate bottles of different sizes, including magnums or champagne bottles.

    Wine glass holders: Some wine display stands incorporate dedicated holders or racks for wine glasses, enabling you to keep your stemware conveniently close to your bottles.

    Locking mechanism: If security is a concern, consider a wine display stand with a locking mechanism to protect your valuable collection.

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    Before finalizing your wine display stand, evaluate the available space in your home or wine cellar. Measure the dimensions of the area where you plan to place the stand and ensure it fits seamlessly without overcrowding the space. Additionally, consider factors such as accessibility, lighting, and ventilation to create an optimal environment for your wine.

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    1、Can the display stand be customized in other Electric Product?
    Yes.The Display Rack Can Customize Chargers, Electric Toothbrushes, Electronic Cigarettes, Audio, Photographic Equipment And Other Promotional And Display Racks.

    2、Can I choose More Than Two materials For One Display stand?
    Yes.You Can Choose Acrylic, Wood, Metal And Other Materials.

    3、Has Your Company Passed ISO9001
    Yes. Our Display Stand Factory Have Passed ISO Certificate.

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